LuAnn McCormick
Executive Director

Coming from a 25-year career in program evaluation, I was looking for a way to have a more direct impact on my community. I serendipitously landed on the Girls on the Run International webpage and light bulbs went off. Help inspire and empower girls through physical activity? You bet! So I got together with several women and together we established the local council of Girls on the Run in 2013. I wouldn't call myself a "runner" but I do lots of things to stay active and fit – the muddier the better! By example, I strive to inspire girls that getting strong and fit is fun and rewarding.

Board of Directors

Mallory Baringer
Board Chair

Mallory is thrilled to volunteer with GOTR and convey the mission of inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident to the Capital Region. As someone who enjoys working out, she appreciates the GOTR lessons of nurturing physical and emotional health through an exercise based curriculum. Mallory is proud to be part of an organization that equips girls with valuable skill-sets for better decision making, self-awareness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Marcy Spratt
Vice Chair

I first turned to running about 10 years ago during a particularly stressful time in my life. I was looking for a healthy way to clear my mind and boost my mood, and that it did. Running also brought me a great deal of confidence as I started setting and accomplishing small, measurable goals such as running a particular distance or achieving a certain pace. I love that Girls on the Run combines these lessons with a safe and supportive space for young girls to explore their role in our community while focusing on the power of positivity and physical fitness. As both a coach and a running buddy, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that this program and our dedicated volunteers have on the girls and I could not be prouder to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Megan Morris

Megan first discovered her love of running when she was nine years old. Since then, Megan ran Track and Cross Country at the high school and collegiate level and continues to compete in local races. Megan is eager to share her love of running with girls in the Capital Region.

Sara Regan

I love that Running is a way for a person to grow and to challenge herself, two things that I believe keys to a girl's success. Girls on the Run equips young ladies with these tools early on in a fun way. I spent two seasons coaching Girls on the Run in Arlington, VA and loved every minute of it! I am so excited to give back to my community with an organization that has the mission to encourage girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

Jennifer Amstutz
Finance Committee

Having spent a large chunk of my nonprofit career working to empower girls, I love the mission of Girls on the Run.

Rae Ann Augliera
Co-Chair Development Committee

Rae Ann is an avid runner and enjoys the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with training for and completing long-distance races. She identifies with the Girls on the Run mission and, as a mother to one young daughter, understands the importance of instilling confidence, power, and optimism in young girls everywhere. Rae Ann is an active member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, an organization that is a National Sponsor of Girls on the Run and whose philanthropic focus is “Building Strong Girls.”

Michelle Carter
Board Member

I serve on the GOTR board because I truly believe in the power of its mission, through my own personal experience. The program combines two of my passions -- running and female empowerment. Running gave me confidence and a sense of self that I don't believe I would have found otherwise. And, as a graduate of a women's college, I have a deep appreciation for the power that can come when women learn not only their own worth, but the worth of their female peers and the value of their friendships. I believe it is never too early to start teaching our girls these valuable life lessons, and GOTR does just that. I give my time and talent to this organization because it's a mission I believe in and I hope to gain nothing other than a sense of satisfaction that I am accomplishing something that I believe is truly worthwhile.

Ameera Crellin
Board Member, Head Coach

Ameera has always enjoyed being part of a team. She loves all sports and being active. She isn't always the fastest, yet has a great time. Ameera is excited to support GOTR and loves coaching her "sparkly" team at Keane.

Marisa Franchini

Marisa is a slow but enthusiastic runner and is currently training for her first half-marathon. Girls on the Run inspires such a wonderful camaraderie among the girls and builds an amazing sense of self-confidence in each of them. She is proud to be part of such a great organization.

Kim Pietkiewicz
Co-Chair Development Committee

It wasn't until freshman year of college that Kim discovered running when she was sidelined from playing tennis after an injury. Kim quickly became in love with running and went from running 5K's on up to marathons. Going to an all-woman college, Kim grown a passion for helping women build confidence. GOTR is a prime example at how giving a young girl a chance, and a little encouragement, can help them shine in all other aspects of their lives.