GOTR Coach

Calling all coaches! We know you've got it, and you're just the coach we need. Our girls are looking up to you to learn the same powerful principles that guide you in leading a healthy, happy, and confident life.

At the heart of Girls on the Run are amazing volunteers whose commitment and passion change the lives of thousands of girls each year. Our coaches are dynamic role models dedicated to empowering girls to become healthy and confident young women.

Coaching a Girls on the Run program is the most rewarding way to get involved. Volunteer Coaches serve as role models and mentors for the girls who participate in our program. At each program location, 2-4 coaches deliver our easy to follow GOTR curriculum, twice a week for 90 minutes to groups of 8 to 15 girls. Coaches are not required to be runners; they simply must be passionate about the mission of Girls on the Run, committed to working with a group of girls throughout the season and able to bring energy and joy to each practice.

Each site must have at least one (1) Head Coach and two (2) to four (4) Assistant Coaches. Head coaches are the leaders for their team, but all coaches share in the leading of the lessons. Our program meets twice a week for 90 minutes over the course of 10 weeks. Coaches are also required to attend a one-day training session where they learn the curriculum and the tools they need to be a successful coach.

Overall, the time commitment for coaches is about 5-6 hours each week for the season. This includes travel and preparation time and meeting with the group twice a week for one hour each time. Coaches also attend the end-of-the-season 5k race encourage participants through the most inspiring day of the season.

Finally, consistency is extremely important to providing the best possible experience for all girls, so all coaches are required to attend practices for the entire 10-week season. We ask that you truly consider the requirements listed below prior to making the commitment to be a coach mentor to a team of young girls.


  • All women, ages 18+ are eligible to coach (men are welcome as assistant coaches)
  • Must be available 1 -2 days each week for 90-minute sessions
  • Must submit background check
  • Must be passionate about the Girls on the Run mission
  • Must attend coach training
  • Must attend end-of-season celebratory 5k


  • Details are coming. Please check back.


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